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What if I aimed the antenna right at WTVW and use a pre-amp? I will have to check the signal strength of all the stations when I do that.
That would be worth a try. First aim it at WTVW without a preamp and see if you still get the other three. Then add a medium gain preamp that is resistant to overload. The 8-port distribution amp doesn't have a lot of gain, so you probably will not need to replace it with ordinary splitters. You could always insert a splitter as an attenuator between the preamp power inserter and the distribution amp if tuner overload became a problem.

The antennas Direct Juice preamp is resistant to overload; it doesn't have an FM filter (which could be added), but it does have a 4G-LTE filter that blocks cell transmitters just above CH51. A CM3410 distribution amp is also resistant to overload, and can be used as a preamp.

You do have some strong local FM signals that might require an FM filter. I did an FM report based on my estimate of your location:

You can do your own report here, but it doesn't link like a tvfool report:
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