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Originally Posted by mtownsend View Post
Thanks for all the updates!

All of these virtual channels have been updated in the live database. You should start seeing the corrected information showing up in any newly generated reports from now on. If there are any other corrections, please let us know, and we'll update them right away.
For Ottawa:

CBOT-DT 25 is 4.1
CBOFT-DT 22 is 9.1

CKXT, CFMT, and CJMT do not remap, so they're fine.

I suspect that CITY-DT-3 will be 17.1 when it signs on, based on its common ownership with other Rogers stations CFMT/CJMT.

AFAIK, the CRC stations haven't been heard from (yet), so we don't know what they would show.
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