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No, I havenít. Wedging it between the PVC mast and the plastic end cap was a convenience to keep me from climbing off the patio roof and running to the garage to get another tie-wrap. Success was accidental!

I have thought about mounting it in a metal box to see if that would help but the RCA amps I bought seem to work as good (maybe even better), support dual inputs and cost a lot less, so Iím not sure it would be worth the effort. I canít fathom how sticking it in front of a piece of PVC and partially behind a reflector rod could provide much shielding. Other than relocating the antenna & the amp., everything else stayed the same (panel cables, combiner, combiner to amp. cable and cable to garage).

Iím trying to get all the window screens vacuumed this morning. We have a whole house fan that draws a lot of dust through them and I want to get that off before it starts to rain tomorrow & Thursday. If I donít wear myself out on that project I plan to replace the PVC mast with a metal one this afternoon. It got pretty windy yesterday and the HDB8X was bouncing all over the place. Too much flex in the PVC mast.


The TV Fool website went down while I was typing this. Finished the screens washed the windows & swapped out the mast. I still had two real heavy Channel Master 5ĹĎ sections circa 1962.
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