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Wow excellent posts all...Dave your answer should be a sticky. I'm starting to get a feel for some of this now...

On another note not related to my OP coordinates:

I climbed up on my roof at 1719 Spruce St. Leavenworth KS 66048 and tied up a mop handle with the CS5 to test my house.

About 15 stations were found by my HVR1800 Tuner and only about 7 of them were flawless...I had to rig up 3 cables with connectors to reach the distance so maybe that's gonna create a problem. I guess 75' total cable although I could get it down to 50'. I used my compass on my iPhone to get a rough idea of azimuth....and well....I got got a huge Walnut tree and a subdivision on rising elevation to my SE....I'm basically at the bottom of my hill. So I don't know if an amp will help or not.

3 of the stations were 24/7 Jesus channels. I do enough praying daily I don't think I'm gonna watch them much. One Spanish station and PBS and also Fox works fine...but not much else. Everything else seems laggy.

Not sure if the kids and I are ready to cut Disney and Discovery but I don't like debts

Been a fun process to play around with anyway.
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