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I put the Winegard HD7694P in the attic today aimed at about 240 degrees. The height is about 15 feet I guess. I tried various ranges from 200 to 250 to get the best receptions on my test tv I brought up to the attic. Results are ok but I'm not getting any reception for WNYW Fox 5 at all. Good clarity for WCBS, WNBC, WABC, WNET, NLIW and a bun others e.g. Spanish, Shopping channels. I'd really like to solve the WNYW problem.

Then I ran the RGS6 cable to the basement and connected it to the other TV there but lost WNBC and WLIW but gained WPIX. I'm guessing I need to get a Preamp like Winegard LNA-200 ? If I do, where should I place it? I read it should be near the antenna.

Also, I have an old Directv satellite dish still mounted on the gable of the house. I would say the height would actually be a little lower e.g. 12 feet. Is it worth trying the antenna there i.e. disconnecting the dish and using the mount in the same place and mount the antenna?
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