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Thank you all for replying. Sorry in the delay to answer, but work's been pretty hectic lately. Anyways, real channel 8 could be picked up from any direction on either antenna, no matter where I pointed it. So, I'm thinking TVfool may be way off on that one. The other Vhf-Hi channels come in perfectly, real channels 10 and 12, so I don't think it's the preamp. I'm not sure what particular make and model Vhf-Hi antenna it is, as I found it when someone was going to throw it out, so I took it home and repaired it. I believe it's a 9 or 10 element yagi, but I'd have to recount the elements this weekend to be sure. There are a lot of trees around as you guessed correctly on the location. But, again, on their old antenna, they could only pick up real channel 8. Channel 49.1 (real 30) comes in at an odd angle at almost 90 degrees to the left of WHTM, which doesn't really make sense either unless it's a reflection or something, but I did notice other people's antennas pointing in that direction too. All this is why I was guessing it may just be the antennas interfering with each other with both picking up real channel 8. Basically, my plan at this point is to use the Uhf side only of a UVSJ and put it before the preamp on the 8-bay to try and knock down the Vhf-Hi signal. No need to worry about another scan Rabbit73. You've pretty much nailed it on the first ones. Thank you though anyways.
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