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Week signal in San Bruno, CA

I live in San Bruno, CA which is just south of San Francisco. I'm not very far from most of the towers (inside 10 miles), but my reception is horrible. You can take a look at my signal strength here:

On another thread, people said it's because Mount San Bruno sits between my house and Mt. Sutro in San Francisco which cuts off many of the stations. To make matters worse, I live in a valley. According to the TV maps, my neighborhood is in a violet circle of poor reception.

I've tried the Mohu "Ultimate" Indoor antenna, but of the major networks, Fox is unwatchably choppy and ABC doesn't come in at all (which is odd since it's supposedly a strong signal). CBS and NBC are fine. But as things are, there is no way our reception will pass the wife acceptance test and we can cut the cable. She says she wants to be able to turn on the TV and flip through channels without "No signal found" warnings or constantly choppy video.

We have a tall garage with a loft space inside. I'm thinking of mounting an attic antenna in there and see if anything improves. But my question is, am I just wasting my time trying to get an OTA signal in my location? I've already put in $50 for the Mohu and an amplified attic antenna will cost as much as $200. So it's becoming an expensive experiment. Anyone in the Bay Area in a similar situation or have similar signal strength coming to their house who have made it work? I will feel much more comfortable putting in the time and money if I know there are others that have found success.
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