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You should steer clear of an omni in my opinion.

An antenna with VHF-hi + UHF elements such as the Winegard 7698P aimed at 228 magnetic should get you all the major networks from Pittsburgh, down through WPNT. The Winegard 7694P is smaller, and might work too, but WPNT might not come in.

What model is your "booster"? If it is a 7778, you should move it to the mast to amplifiy signal before the cable losses. You shouldn't need a powered splitter. Start with 1 tv to keep it simple at first. Then add a 3-way passive splitter and only go to powered if you need it. If you want Altoona stations too, you'll need a rotor too. But altoona signals are pretty weak (except WTAJ), so buyer beware.

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