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Originally Posted by No static at all View Post
You certainly don't need more amplification. What you do need is more signal AT the antenna.

How close are your antennas to each other? Can you take a pic & post it?
I would agree that I need more signal at the antenna. Yes, the antennas are maybe mounted too close right now, but I'll fix that with the new longer mast. My house is in a slight hollow, (and surrounded by woods) below the level of the houses to the South and South-East which are on a ridge probably 5-10ft higher. Even with my antenna mast at 35', I don't think the VHF antenna quite clears the roof of the house I have to aim over for vhf channel 12. Without an amp, I lose some of the channels, or they pixelate badly.

Even with my mast up another 10 feet, I will still be in the hollow and surrounded by trees. You should figure that my TvFool above shows signals more than probably almost DOUBLE of what I can actually receive.

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