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As a test, I removed the Kitztech KT200 pre-amp, and reinstalled my CM7777 preamp with an external FM trap, and the internal FM trap turned ON. So there is two FM traps installed on the input of the CM7777.

I see very little difference in the signal levels on my Tivo between the two pre-amps. The VHF levels on Wjrt-12 are exactly the same. Some of the UHF channels went a little bit higher.

Kitztech kt200 is supposed to be 24db for both, with .4db noise. Does anybody know (for SURE) what the CM7777 pre-amp is for db and noise level? I think around 2db noise, but not sure on the signal level.

As for getting my antennas up higher, I'm still working on the preliminaries. I have to manufacture a swivel bracket for the bottom of the new 21' mast pipe, so I can swing it up by myself without the possibility of dying or dropping the antennas with the old way I have the shorter one mounted.

Once I came upon the idea of using a swivel mount (I was reading about hinged towers at the time) everything CLICKED into place in my mind! So, I'm working on this, and hoping our weather soon clears up as it's been horrible the last few days.

Does anybody know of an available UHF/VHF preamp that has a higher level JUST for VHF?

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