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This is just crazy! So, the main issues above have been cured by unplugging the Harbor Freight charger, and changing the Dell laptop power brick for an upgraded unit that works fine.

So, with slightly bad weather and fluttering trees, the Tivo Roamio has still at times been throwing off some RS Uncorrected errors now and again on Wjrt-12. Even with a higher signal level, which I figured could be normal due to weather conditions. At those times, the signal level might vary from 47-52, or 18-21db.

So, I haven't done anything else to my antennas as of yet, and we have 24mph GUSTY winds right now with 84 temps and sunny, and the trees in front of the antennas are fluttering, and waving around to beat the band. NO ERRORS are showing on the Tivo, even with the signal level still varying from 18-21db, or 47-52 signal level. I have to assume the changing levels are due to the wind moving the trees.

I'm happy there's no RS errors and the picture is staying locked, but, how come no errors right now? You'd think if I was going to get them, those conditions would cause it.

Just when I thought I had this figured out, lol...
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