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We have thunderstorms and heavy rain going on the last couple of hours, but in the lulls of heavy rain, I can already see that the signal level for VHF 12 has come UP to 60+%, and is over 25db on my Roamio (that was only around 18-19db earlier, before the charger was unplugged) My tv set's tuner is showing 65-66% signal strength, with locked 100% quality.

I think that's a good sign that the charger was causing the worst of it, but we will see as the next few days go by. I might still have to get the VHF antenna up a little higher just in general. Gotta have good fade margin with woods like these surrounding me.
Edit: Well, it's 3 am here now, and I have now also discovered that my Dell Latitude E6410 90watt 19volt laptop power brick ALSO causes the VHF "signal quality" level to vary up and down from 100% - 0% and all points in-between at random. It only does this when plugged into the laptop, AND when the laptop is turned on. If I unplug the brick when that quality level is varying, it immediately jumps back to 100% and stays there with no fluctuation! At the same time, my Tivo Roamio stops throwing off RS errors. The laptop and power supply are in my living room, and the power outlets are on the same circuit.

So, guess I'll be getting a new power supply, and hope they all don't cause this same issue. If so, then I can take further steps to cure it, or I won't leave it plugged into my laptop all the time

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