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Question One channel issue, high VHF

Here is my TVfool:


I'm up in North-Western Midland county Michigan, surrounded by 85-90' trees, and I've got all the OTA local channels in the Flint-Saginaw-Bay City DMA locked and working pretty well, with the exception of WJRT-12 VHF, which is only about 39 miles away from me.

I want to dump Dish Network and go OTA (Roamio Tivo), plus some streaming. I'm using a separate Y10-7-13 VHF antenna JUST for WJRT-12 and that's up about 35'~, into a (Holland) uvsj with a HDB91x UHF antenna (91xg clone) into the other side of the uvsj. That runs down to an MCM Electronics FM filter, and then into a Kitztech kt-200-coax amplifier. Installing the fm filter brought UP the signal on WBSF 46 by 15 points! Not sure why it would do that for so high of a UHF station, but it did.

Without that Kitztech amp, I lose half the stations. My Tvfool is posted above, though my signals are probably far less than what that shows, due to the heavy tree cover this time of year. For instance, WJRT-12 averages only 18-19db, which isn't much above the minimum. Channel 5 and 19 are by FAR my strongest signals, I wish all were as good as those two.

Ok, I'm in the woods, and surrounded by 85-90' trees, including pines. I have no hope of getting above or around the trees anywhere on my property. I have very strong FM stations fairly close, in fact WPRJ is only about 6 miles away, and is pretty much at the exact opposite magnetic heading that my VHF antenna is pointed at. So that station is trouble for sure without that FM filter, as my antenna is probably picking that up from the back and it's a harmonic for VHF 12. Though once again, this reception issue is completely random, and doesn't happen 100% of the time.

Anyway, something still is going on with my reception of VHF 12 (even with the FM filter), and I'm just not sure what it is. It's NOT 100% of the time, it doesn't seem to happen only when the trees move in the breeze, and I just am not sure what's left to try. The video and audio breaks up and pixelates at random. My TIVO Roamio basics diagnostics, shows RS Uncorrected errors, and that climbs higher at these times. My LG tv set (which runs off the same antennas, split through a high quality 2-way splitter) shows the "quality" jumping up and down from 100% to maybe 45%, then maybe 14%, then back up to 100% at the same time that the Tivo is showing errors and pixelating. However, the "strength" never varies more than 3 points up or down at this same time. This could go on for hours, or suddenly quit for a while.

The other day (Friday 8/7) was pretty bad, but then the rain started later in the evening, and the problem settled down and got better as the night went along and the signal level came up 5-8 points. It just beats me as to what's going on here. I'd think if it was some sort of multipath, that it wouldn't be quite so intermittent. But, maybe I'm wrong and it is simply multipath.

Anybody have any ideas? I did try TWO FM filters in series, (I did also even try an LTE filter) but it didn't seem to make a difference. I thought about some sort of electrical issue, but if it's that, I don't know what could be doing it, and why it would be intermittent. I don't have access to a spectrum analyzer that could check this, though I wish I did.

I can probably get my antenna UP at least another 5-10' or more, but that's pretty much the limit. Even then, it's still going to be behind trees.
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