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Weird result

Hello everyone,

So, I recently moved to a more rural area between zip codes 62947 (Herod IL and 62938 (Golconda IL) and now need OTA TV. I was given a rather large antenna, the kind that looks like chevrons, and put it up temporarily on a 10 foot 2x4 There is a coax adapter on the antenna, from which I ran the cable to the TV. I am going to try and attach a pic of the antenna, which looks just like a Channel Master CM3020.

I pointed the apex of the chevrons north, and auto-programmed. The TV identified 13 channels, 2 WSIL, 3 WPSD, 3 WTCT, 3 KET PBS channels, and 2 channel 9's that don't come in.

The WSIL's were the same programming and didn't come in solidly, kinda in and out from time to time, the WPSD's were pretty good reception, the WTCT's all came in well, the KET PBS channels also came in well.

Over the course of a few days, I lost the WPSD's, then the KET PBS, then the WTCT's. Eventually, all that remained were the WSIL's, and some intermittent KET PBS - not watchable.

So, today, I switched directions and pointed the chevrons approximately south and re-programmed. Now, I got the WSIL's coming in really well, the WPSD's are back and better than before - and that's it.

I do not care about the WTCT channels ,but I would not mind getting the KET PBS channels back.

On Saturday, I will have some time to play with directions, any suggestions would be appreciated.


Channel Master 3020
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