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Lost reception after storm.

Here is the link to my report:

The location is at farm that we use several times a year, so I am not always there. I mounted a large antenna (I'm pretty sure a Channel Master 3020) back in June of 2009 because of the digital transition. The antenna was about 15 feet off the ground. The order of cable: 20 feet RG6 coaxial from antenna> grounding block> 10 feet RG59?> in-line amplifier> converter box. The antenna was facing WNW towards the stations in that direction. Here are the channels we could receive (in order of strength):
WMC 5, WBBJ 43, WHBQ 13, WKNO 29, WREG 28, WLMT 31, WPTY 25, WPXX 51, WTWV 14 (at night), WJKT 39 (at night), WMAE 12 (at night).

We had a pretty fierce storm about a month ago that took the antenna down. One of the two smallest VHF elements broke off, and a couple of UHF elements were bent. I was able to unbend them. I re-mounted the antenna yesterday, raising it about 3 feet higher to around 18 or 19 feet, and I ran new RG6 coaxial to the original grounding block. I rescanned the box and now these are all I get: WMC 5, WLMT 31, WPTY 25, WBBJ 43 (spotty).

I expected I might lose WHBQ 13 because of the broken VHF element. I'm wondering if the problem could be a group of three pine trees about forty feet west of the antenna. Could my moving it a few feet up caused the antenna to be in front of part of the tree blocking the signal? I'm really stumped, and I don't want to have to go take the antenna back down again.

Thank you for your help.
**It should be noted that all stations are digital.**

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