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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
Growing up in Cheektowaga and Orchard Park, NY we were able to
receive locals plus Toronto, Hamilton, Barrie, Peterborough, London
& Kitchener in Ontario plus Erie, PA. We rarely received Rochester
even though it was much closer than many of the others. After seeing
your photos, with the trees that tall and the hill, it is surprising that
you receive anything at all. None of that explains why you are having
the recent issues and the outages. Your Winegard antenna is a very
good one but the weakest link in the design is that CB-8269 housing.
I have replaced many of those over the years that fail due to the heat
we experience here in Arizona. They usually cost around $25.00
As Rabbit indicated, Every connection is a potential source for problems.
In my head, I'm thinking that those total blackouts were caused by
shorting at one of those connections. If your cables are fairly old, like
over 10 years, you may want to replace them with new, RG6. If you
are up to it, you could replace each of the connectors yourself but be
sure to weatherproof those outdoors with good silicone sealant.
Thanks for the reply.

I assume you are talking about the box in my last picture? When you said "replace each of the connectors," what exactly are you referring to?

All coax was new in 2011.
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