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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Hello again, Dagwood

Sorry you are having more trouble. Those two channels are very weak; it doesn't take much to knock them out.

You told us about your power inserter, but you didn't tell us what model of preamp you have.

You also didn't tell us what antenna you have. If you don't know the make and model, can you show us a photo of your antenna?

One thing might be different now: The trees might be thicker and taller now, so even if the leaves have fallen, the signals might be having a harder time now getting through.

If your antenna is made by Winegard, this video will show you how to check the CB8269 balun /combiner:

You have checked the voltage coming out of the power inserter, but you haven't checked the voltage to the preamp at the upper end of the coax that connects to the preamp.

And you haven't checked the voltage to the preamp at the upper end of the coax when it is connected to the preamp. This is harder, because when you check the voltage to the preamp near the preamp when it is connected, you need access to the center conductor. I use a T-adapter for that:

This is for an RCA preamp, but the method is the same:
Thanks for the reply, Rabbit. I think everything I have from the power supply to the antenna is Wineguard.

I checked the voltage at the upper end of the coax, it shows 15.1 -- the same as it is on the lower end, indoors.

What it looks like around here . . .

Here is a view from the south, looking north towards Rochester where all the transmitters are (pik is about due north, Rochester is a bit to the west). Red arrow shows antenna which if you look carefully, you can see it is rotated a bit west:

Looking north from the roof:

Looking south:

Looking north again. As you can see, not much changes from year to year. The hill shown in the FCC diagram (that you posted in September in this thread) is about 2-3 miles north of me, nothing but woods between me and the hill.

This all looks like a Wineguard, and makes sense as everything else is too:

That checking stuff is a bit over my head. Wouldn't I be better off just buying a new preamp and taking my chances -- especially considering the two complete blackouts I've had in the past year or so?
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