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Tv antennas and Tv reception

Cable Tv is a sealed distribution system. By that I mean that the signals are contained in the coax wires. Some cable systems get sloppy and have the coax distribution system the trunk lines open or broken and do not do the repairs. This allows the signals in cable tv trunk lines to radiate out in to the big wide world ( called egress ) and also intrefering signals to enter into the cable tv system (called ingress ). Also some cable companies do not do a good job of balancing the system or replacing componets like trunk line amplifiers when they go bad. Some cable companies see the cable customers as a cash cow and won't do any thing until the money starts to run dry or the stink from the irarte customers is so bad that even they cant stand it. Then they send out mailers to the cable customers and the non cable customers saying they are doing system up grades.

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