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Unable To Receive VHF Station- Holyoke MA

So, tripod, antennas, combiner, coax, all installed atop the roof, 25-30' AGL.

I have an odd error though.
While all other channels come in great, the VHF (WWLP) is not appearing.
Doesn't show on the TV or the HDHomeRun.
I aimed it according to TV Fool, then rotated the entire antenna 360 degrees to see if the signal ever was acquired.
I'm not understanding how I can have a signal strength of 82-86% but signal quality and symbol quality of 0%.
The thumbnails are captures of both a working and this station

I'll say that WWLP is the sole VHF signal in the area, and the only one that does not display.

This is the equipment I have, along with 50' of good coax.
30-2475 - Fringe Directional Antenna VHF-Hi HDTV 174 - 230MHz
Stellar Labs : 30-2475

33-2230 - UHF - VHF Antenna Combiner
Stellar Labs : 33-2230

30-2425 - HDTV 60 Mile Fringe Bowtie Television Antenna
Stellar Labs : 30-2425

Link to the TV Fool Signal Analysis:

Any ideas?
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