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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
Just a thought...... When you install your antenna, try pointing towards
the Southwest and run a scan or two. See how many of those translators
you receive and jot them down. Then point at the other translators to
your East. Again, run a scan and jot down what you receive. Rationale:
You will satisfy your curiosity and see if there are any different programs.
There probably are not.
More importantly, you will know what is possible should one or more of
the translators to your East fail. Translators are not a priority for station
engineers these days. It is always a good idea to have "backup" when one
or more translators fail. Those translators take a pounding on those
mountain tops with the wind, snow and rain.....
Really good point. Thanks JoeAZ! And you are right, those towers to the east of me take a beating on a regular basis and when they go down, it is often days before they are fixed. Many thanks!
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