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Help Needed

Hi all,

You've been such great help to me in the past. I recently moved to NW Wyoming (Cody WY 82414) and need help getting set up again.,

Above are three reports I ran on the webpage. What I'm looking for is recommendations for antennas and any accessories you think I will need. I can place the antenna(s) on the SE corner of my house and can put the antenna(s) above the roof line about 20' off the ground. The cable run from the antenna(s) location to my tv is approximately 60'. So my questions are:

1) It appears I have two clusters of repeaters/translators to the east and to the southwest. Unfortunately, they are in quite different directions. Can you make an antenna recommendation for me or if you think two antennas is a better approach can you recommend the two you think would be best?
2) If two antennas, what combiner do you recommend?
3) How about mast recommendations?
4) Do you recommend an amplifier? which one?
5) Recommended vendors for these product?
6) Did I miss anything?

As always, I really appreciate you help. GREATLY!!!

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