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optimized for UHF stations, which comprises about 95% of the TV stations today
Actually, after the 2009 repack, it was 74% of full power stations. Post-repack, I don't know offhand. I haven't seen any reliable numbers and I'm not motivated enough to dig through everything at the moment. There were a couple of dozen stations that took cash to move from UHF to VHF and a fair number of others who took cash to just go off the air, whether completely or via a channel sharing arrangement with a remaining station.

When it comes to the Flex, make sure the mounting surface is CLEAN before putting it onto that surface. The Sure Grip is actually the same type of stuff that the old "Wacky Wall Walker" toys were made of. They do a REALLY good job of picking up any dust and lint which then renders them useless for sticking to a wall or window. I send out a couple of replacement strips every week, it seems, because of that for the Eclipse and the Flex.

The Flex does very well on high-VHF. It has pretty flat gain all the way across the 7-13 channel range due to an extraordinarily fat dipole section that's in there. For UHF, it has a single tapered loop element.
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