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Hi & Welcome Gophers:

Here's another report for your zip code from post repack. It might be a bit more up to date than your TV Fool report; please be patient as it takes about 30 seconds to load:

I'm not sure why you would not be receiving buzzer 9.4 (Fox real channel 9), unless there is a network issue. If you're getting the other Fox channels, you should be receiving buzzer. I'm sure others will chime in with a possible answer.

I have my antenna next to my window. Does putting in the window work better or not?
It depends upon what kind of windows you have. If your mobile home is an older unit, you might try hanging it in the widow and probably you'll receive better reception. If it's a new model with "Low E" windows which reflect the UV rays, they might interfere with your reception. If you have already found the "sweet spot" inside your home for OTA TV viewing, you probably have maximized your reception. Do you use an amp on your antenna? If not you might try that.

If you don't mind a recommendation, you might want to consider Antennas Direct indoor antennas, particularly the Clearstream Flex. I have found it to be more reliable than the Mohu's in pulling in maximum signal strength. It will help you with your 2 High real VHF channels, Fox 9 and NBC 11. But I'm certainly not trying to cost you more money. You can look at their website and check as well.

Hopefully this will help you. There are some real fine Techs here that probably can assist you better as well. Good luck and please let us know how you come out.

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