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Thanks. I’ve been visiting for a number of years. I felt certain that I’d joined way back, so was surprised by the permissions deal and being denied posting. Just checked and saw that this past August is my join date. Even more surprising!
I guess all is well, now. Curious though, never got a reply after using the website contact message page. Regarding the new thread denials.

......then again, THIS just happened!?
“The following errors occurred with your submission:
This forum requires that you wait 30 seconds between posts. Please try again in 15 seconds.”

- I’ve not posted since last night?

- (Update, and FINAL on this (phew); no clue how that 9:16 pm post happened, because as *soon as* the above error message appeared I came back with “I’ve not posted.......”, which didn’t take me from 9:16 until 9:48 !? Just weird. S__ happens :-D

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