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Originally Posted by verder
I appreciate the time you've put into this so far! I'm learning quite a bit in the process.

I find this comment from Calaveras very telling:

Even though the signals look strong enough to receive, only 2 out of 9 stations will decode with the antennas lowered and their SNRs are very low due to severe multipath.
Without elevating things above the tree-line, I'm thinking this is as good as things are going to get for me. A CS2M may help out with KVRR reception... I'd most likely remove the splitter or go back to the -3.5dB output in that case. If it does, I could probably donate my CS4M to my father-in-law who lives out in the country and relies on an el-cheapo mudflap for his OTA reception. So, it wouldn't be a total loss.
That sounds like a good plan.
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