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I was wondering why Tablo support thinks your signals are too strong. This seems to answer the question:
Getting Technical with Over-the-Air TV Reception (AKA: Why Can’t I Watch This Channel?)

A GOOD tuner should be able to receive signals much stronger than -50 dBm. Apparently, the Tablo tuners don't meet the ATSC specs:

ATSC Recommended Practice:
Receiver Performance Guidelines

Document A/74:2010, 7 April 2010


5.1 Sensitivity

A DTV receiver should achieve a bit error rate in the transport stream of no worse than 3x10E-6 (i.e., the FCC Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Service, ACATS, Threshold of Visibility, TOV) for input RF signal levels directly to the tuner from –83 dBm (-34 dBmV) to –5 dBm (+44 dBmV)for both the VHF and UHF bands.
-50 dBm + 49 = -1 dBmV

Cable guys want you to have at least that much signal at the wall plate for your TV.

Maybe they got the idea from SiliconDust. 100% on the HDHR GUI is only one dB more at 0 dBmV.

Most of my Sony TVs say MAX or 100 at 0 dBmV except for one model that goes much higher:

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