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Originally Posted by verder
As of this morning I still get weak signal reports (recording failed @ 1am). Current setup:

antenna input > cm3201 > splitter/7dB drop > tablo

I have the newer CM3201.

We watched a football game yesterday on the same channel (KVRR) as this morning's failed recording and didn't notice any issues except for maybe one short ~1 second occurrence that had digital smearing. I believe the weather was clear overnight.

I'm currently waiting for Tablo support to get back to me in this continuing saga of e-mail tag. I learned that they send your case to the back of the line every time you update them with new info via email. I guess it pays to be quiet. :P
I hope that they will take your request seriously enough to give you some useful help.
I have half a mind at this point to get a ClearStream 2Max and replace the 4Max. Wondering if the wider beamwidth will help with KVRR reception or what.
The CS 2MAX does have a wider beamwidth but a little less gain. Difficult to predict the results of a test.

We are now at post #55 on your thread and I'm running out of ideas. I've learned a lot trying to help you and have had a chance to show off some of my ideas about SDRs and how to measure the strength of a TV signal without a signal level meter.

I keep picturing your antenna above the trees, but I know that isn't going to happen.

If you went to AVS, Calaveras would probably say get your antenna above the trees.

Example of Vegetation Affecting Signal Strengths-Part 1
If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.
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