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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post

The dynamic range of the SDR is determined by the bit depth of the ADC (Analog to Digital Converter). The Airspy R2 and SDRplay RSP1A are very similar in that respect; 12 bits. Both are far superior to the RTL-SDR.COM V3 dongle which has an 8 bit depth ADC, giving it a dynamic range of about 50 dB...
Yes, thanks for your response & images/videos.

As you imply above, for a particular bandwidth,
the number of bits in A/D converter set a limit on dynamic range.

In addition,
linearity of preceding preamplifier & mixers can degrade dynamic range from that of A/D converter alone.

Possibly your received signals are not strong enough to stress the linearity of the RTL front end.

When you have the scanners them properly adjusted, have you seen any spurs in either scanner?


Your images and videos are informative.

Good to see a comparison of both scanners displays.

Reading the scale looks like about 60+ dB dynamic range displaying those particular signals.

Have you checked the accuracy of the dB scale?

Is there a means in software to calibrate the dB scale against a reference?

Wonder, when calibrated at one or two points, if it maintains some accuracy over a larger range of dB?

Do you think one of the two scanners could be more accurate than the other?

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