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Originally Posted by verder
Support indicates that KRDK and WDAY are still coming in too strong.
You tried an attenuator, and it didn't help with the ghost artifact or dropouts, did it? You could try more attenuation.
They also recommended using an LTE filter. I actually have one and used it previously but it did not work. I put it back in-line and also moved to the -7dB output of the BDS103H (previously I was on the -3.5dB output.)
There are two CM LTE filters with the same model number CM-3201. You would need the newer 600 MHz LTE filter if your cellular signals were strong enough to cause interference, but they don't look that strong in your scan.

I also mentioned that the back and forth with support since I have no access to the tuner's quality measures is a pain. I brought up that the HDHomeRun provides this information and it is disappointing that the Tablo doesn't expose this info. Further, my request for 'inside' access to the Tablo went completely ignored. No surprise, but equally disappointing.

In other news, I've gotten absolutely no where with the US distributor of the Airspy R2. They wanted to pawn me off to community support since I had already tried everything they could think of. I pushed back and they directed me to contact Airspy HQ directly. If I don't hear back from them, I plan to contact my credit card company and see if they can rattle their cage. Granted it's only been two days since I e-mailed Airspy HQ, but I haven't even gotten an acknowledgement yet that they received my request so I have my doubts.
Two examples of poor customer support; typical performance for these times. Good customer support would cost them money; the bottom line is more important than the customer.

Their first line of defense is that the problem must be your fault. The current form of capitalism is heartless.

Can you use your Airspy R2 now for scans?

Did you try removing the GitHub SNR meter plugin?

Did you try a new download of SDR# after removing the old one?

There is a strong FM signal coming from the NNW. It's only 7 kW, but it's 1 mi away.

Makes me wonder about FM interference.
If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.
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