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Originally Posted by verder
I keep checking to see if I can post directly to the reply. I still cannot.

I actually picked up the MediaSonic tuner as a result of watching Tyler the Antenna Man's youtube video. The signal quality display view is identical to your CM7003 converter box.

When I had dropout on the MediaSonic, the quality was easily 70% or so. Then, it would go to 0% and lose signal, then come back and be back in the 70% range again. So, using that a measure of performance wasn't all that useful.
The Mediasonic is telling you the truth.

When it goes to 0% signal quality, there are more errors than the FEC (Forward Error Correction) is able to correct. The FEC has a limit to its ability to correct errors.

When it comes back to the 70% range, there are no uncorrected errors.

If you had an HDHR, it would show a green Symbol Quality bar at 100% when there was 70% signal quality on the Mediasonic.

The HDHR Symbol Quality bar would be red at the times when the Mediasonic was going to 0%.

The increase in errors is most likely from the signal passing through the trees. You will continue to have multipath dropouts as long as there are trees in the signal path.

The same thing is happening to me because there is a tree in front of my antenna; it's worse with my weakest channels.
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