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interesting experience Monday

Our indoor antenna does get more channels upstairs, but I have not yet held it outside an upstairs window to see if it gets more.

Monday a guy I found on Craigslist came over to give a demonstration of his antenna...he posted a very reasonable price to install an antenna setup that he had good luck with.

It looked to be a modified Winegard's GS-1100 HDTV antenna with an amplifier added to it. He tried the front yard and then even climbed up on our 2 story roof with it, but it got exactly zero channels, every time we scanned for channels! He said that had never happened to him before. I was kind of shocked too since we got a few channels with the cheapo indoor antenna. I mentioned the antenna suggested in these posts and he is going to come over with one to test it after the holidays. I just changed to basic cable yesterday.
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