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Well, we are in NW Ohio so we do get a fair amount of snow, but we don't have any metal up there that I know of, except around the base of the chimneys at the roof, the venting pipe and the chimney caps.

We currently have cable and Roadrunner internet. No home phone. We want to keep the internet, and are thinking maybe of getting a faster speed on that once we drop the cable. Would that render the cable lines unusable as an antenna?

I thought the attic would be easier/cheaper, but I am open to suggestions. The attic is really tough to get into and then there is all that insulation to deal with. I would rather do it right one time. I am concerned since I heard that mounting on the roof could mess up the roof with the vibrations/movement of the antenna. We checked with a local antenna/tv company and he wanted over $800 to install an antenna on the roof (with amplifiers and a rotor, etc) and run the cable! I was stunned. So a coworker said he would help me put one in the attic.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions!
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