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->ALL<- Questions and Answers about Broadcast Tv Reception and More.

Going on down the list past KPXM.

This is what is on these Tv stations/channels.

K16HY-D Real UHF channel 16 , EWTN Catholic Television.

K25IA-D Real UHF channel 25 , TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network.

WDMI-LD Real UHF channel 31 , Virtual channel (62.1) , Daystar.

K33LN-D Real UHF channel 33 , 3ABN 3 Angles Broadcasting Network.

K43HB-D Real UHF channel 43 , HSN Home Shopping Network.

If the Tv stations/channels listed above are not received at the current antenna height , and you will like to receive them , then a higher antenna height is required.

Any Tv stations/channels below K43HB are un receivable with out going to a much higher antenna height.
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