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->ALL<- Questions and Answers about Broadcast Tv Reception and More.

A simple reception situation.

This recommendation is based on the , Current Plus Pending Applications Included , tvfool radar plot report for Digital Tv stations/channels.

Install a Winegard HD7698P antenna with a Winegard AP8275 preamp aimed at about 250 degree magnetic compass ,
(south west).

Here is how to aim antennas ,

At the current antenna height of about 40 feet.

The Tv stations/channels list in the Yellow and Red reception zones to the west south/west down to at least.

KPXM-DT Real UHF channel 40 , Virtual channel (41.1) , ION will be received.

---->How many Tv's are/will be connected?? <----.

The Tv/s Must scan for the Digital Broadcast Tv Channels sometimes named the 'Air Channels' or 'Antenna Channels' in the Tv setup menu because the Tv transmissions travel through the air from the transmitting antenna to the receiving antenna.

Do Not scan for cable tv channels.

I see no requirement for a antenna rotor at this time.

However keep the rotor , it might be used to fine tune the antenna direction to receive a weak Tv stations/channel.

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