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New to OTA... Advice needed!

Hello everyone!

I am so happy to find this website! I have lots of questions!

We currently have cable but want to get rid of it. Our situation is we have a 2 story home that has cable in every room, but it has been split multiple (at least 3) times. We have 3 tvs, a main large one, and then smaller ones in the kitchen and one BR.

I was wondering if an attic antenna would be a good idea. It would be at an approximate height of maybe 25'. Then I was wondering, would it be the best solution to just run one line from the antenna in the attic to the basement and then to the main tv, and then buy small antennas for the BR and kitchen? Or split the line to the 3 tvs? The only issue is that I am unsure how to get the cable to the upstairs BR, even though there is cable tv cable already there. I think it was originally run from the attic, so maybe we could run the antenna line to this BR. The kitchen we could easily hook up with the antenna line when we run the cable down to the basement and into the first floor. Then should we get an amplifier? I was wondering too if the cable tv line would act as an antenna, maybe in the BR? Or really I could just get rid of the BR tv if it is too much trouble!

The last detail is that the attic space is rather small...there is maybe 4 feet at the highest point in the attic...I don't know if that makes any difference or not. And then too it does get hot up there...not that I go up there ever... it is just an empty space with a lot of blown cellulose insulation on the floor of the attic, and a square foot hole in the upstairs ceiling to get in there! I read in another post that the wires or something will fail in the heat? It is a shingle roof. So now I am kind of wondering if the attic would be best.

Here is our report:

I would really appreciate what exact items to buy and the best setup suggestions.

Thank you so much for your advice!!!!
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