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Antenna Recommendation

I have a 19 year old antenna (see below), and am looking to upgrade for a better signal.

We live in the country, approx. 35 miles northeast of Minneapolis/St. Paul. The antenna is about 40 feet above ground level. Current reception (on a scale of 1-10) ranges from 7-8 for most channels, to 3-4 (or worse) for some channels. By the way, we also have a rotator, but it isn't in use (cable is trashed from UV exposure). It could, however, be resurrected.
Anyway, could you please do the following: (NOTE: The current antenna is also used for FM radio reception, so it would be nice - but not mandatory - if the new antenna also receives FM signals):
1) Recommend an antenna(s) that would work well for this application. I did get a recommendation from Channel Master (their CM5016, I believe). Is that a good unit?
2) Comment on what kind of difference I will notice from the current antenna.
3) Advise whether you would recommend any type of amplifier.
Here's the link to my Signal Analysis Report:
Here's the link to the interactive map (I'm not sure how/if this is any different than the Signal Analysis Report, above):
Thanks in advance.

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