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Chimney mount w/ Solar panels

How small of a chimney are you talking about? and what is it made of?

Town, It's about 2 Ft. wide and 5 Ft. tall made of what looks like stucco? It's not brick. And it's on the side of the roof, with the top of the chimney being about the height of the peak of the roof.
So I'd need a 5 ft. mast to get it 5 Ft. above the roof.
I will post some pics of my roof and the line to the towers.

I also thought about eve mount, but the power line to the house is mounted right at that eve.... hmmm, but if I get it 5 ft. high above the power line I should be fine eh

Considering the cost of solar panels it might be wise to make sure that you locate the antenna in a place where, if it should fall over, it won't take out a panel or more.

Billi, LOL! yer right, never put much thought about the consequences of a fallen antenna.
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