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CFCF managed to quickly apply for, get approval for, and implement a pre-transitional digital facility in just over a month's elapsed time.
The details are in the IC database.

There are also many post transitional approvals in the IC database that are not yet included in TVFool. Most AU and AP banner entries in the database are for stations that are planning to convert over the summer, probably close to the August 31 deadline.

Would it be possible to get these entries listed as "pending" in the meantime, and get LR plots for them?

For a quick sort, check out the list Most of the AU and AP are for post transitional facilities, but some are for trasntional facilities. It wouldn't hurt to list them all as "pending".

Originally Posted by Skibble5150 View Post
Just a quick note indicating that CFCF in Montreal, Quebec, Canada has finally gone digital as of the last weekend in Januaury 2011.

The analog channel is 12, the digital channel is 12.1 (CFCF-DT).

"CFCF-DT is required to broadcast on its currently assigned analog channel number 12. However, through the use of PSIP, digital television receivers display CFCF-DT's virtual channel as 12.1"

Transmitter coordinates:
4530′19″N 7335′29″W

Transmitter power:
Analog: 325 kW
Digital: 5.5 kW

Transmitter height:
Analog: 295.7 m
Digital: 692.0 m

Transmitter location (Google Maps)

Please add and keep up the great work on!
Canada appreciates being included in your extremely detailed database.

Montreal, Canada
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