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Originally Posted by BigBean View Post
A coupla more questions:

I can't find the Antennacraft Y5710. Is it the Y5713?

Also, since I'm pointing the 2nd antenna towards Hamden, I'd like to try for WZME Channel 42,
which has its transmitter almost right in line with WTNH though it's farther down in Shelton.
The problem is that WZME is UHF. I just saw this, the Antennacraft HBU33. Do you think this
model will pull both in? Are there any issues with mounting this below the bowtie?

I believe she must mean the Y5713. I presume you could use any of the three VHF high antennas from AntennaCraft on that page - the only difference being the dB gain that the larger or smaller antenna provides.

Usually the Y10713 gets recommended here, but I expect because WTNH is only 12 miles away, even though obstructed, the mid-sized model will do.

Regarding WZME, you might be able to pull it in with the HBU33, but that kinda messes up your plan to mix the VHF signal with the UHF signal using the TVPRAMP1R. The preamp expects the two inputs to be on different bandwidths, amplifies both and mixes them. I expect the VHF input for the RCA preamp will filter out any UHF signals, either by intentionally filtering the input signal, or because rf preamps just don't work outside of their design bandwidth. You could pick a different preamp with a broader bandwidth for the HBU33, and try mixing the signals, but the results will be unpredictable.

A similar plan for mixing two UHF antennas was discussed in another recent thread - - the experts here were skeptical, but the OP claims it works. IMO he was lucky to some degree. You could do the two-tuner solution with two separate UHF antennas if you want ... also discussed in that thread.
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