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Question In the Sticks


I've been a-lurkin' but came out of the sticks to see what you all would think.

Here's my report:

The Terrain: Between two wooded ridges; within 40 miles of most transmitters.

The Setup: Outdoors mast, 20 - 30', within 10' of a chimney and FM antenna,
imperfect but would reduce cable length to TV; New England winters, so we burn.

Several questions:

Should I spring for an MXU59, an RCA ANT751, a 91XG, a Winegard of some stripe?

Preamp, Amp?

According to the report, we should be able to get The Big Three, Fox and at least one
PBS station.

I know the RCA gets rave reviews, but I think we're too far from NYC to get one station,
getTV aka WFUT, but I learned its transmitter is atop The Vampire State Building. Bummer.

Finally, The Rotator. I've read alot of quality issues in regards to the modern models
and don't want to spring for an antique or go nutz building my own. Frankly, making
a hand-operated one would be fine too. Any suggestions on GOOD electric ones or
plans for a manual one?

Thanks for a Great Forum,

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