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The two channels that are rather high up on our priority list, and that I was having problems with, are WKBD - 14, and WTVS - 44. If I am at a mid-point between the two channels, both are somewhat weak and will sporadically drop out. If I aim more precisely at just one, the other may not come in at all.

I tried connecting to just one panel on the DB8E as a test to make sure that the combiner was working, I now have it hooked up properly. I do have a Y10713 and the RCA Preamp. The last time I had the preamp in the circuit the number of channels and the quality of the signal were noticeably lower. I concluded that it was defective and I am returning it to Radio Shack. I don't have the Y10713 in the circuit right now as I do not have a way to combine the signal, and unless I can get a reasonable number of UHF channels the VHF side will not make a difference.

When I first started, about two weeks ago, a scan of available channels totaled 31, now I am only getting just over half.
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