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OTA Project is Failing

After a couple of weeks of tinkering with my first OTA project, I'm close to giving up. I am not able to receive consistently strong enough signals to make watching television fun and relaxing. I have hooked up a temporary single RG6 coax cable from my television to a Antennas Direct DB8e, with nothing else in the circuit. The strong stations are mostly okay, but some of the medium strength stations go in and out. Two of the stations that I deem most important, while relatively close to each other, require different positions of the antenna to avoid one of them dropping out. I've tried finding a compromise middle position, but nothing seems to work. I've even bypassed the combiner and connected directly to each side of the antenna, yet I still have major problems and get complete signal loss on a few channels.

Everyone on this forum has been extremely helpful, freely sharing your knowledge with novices such as myself. I would gladly spend a little more time trying to get it to work if anyone has any additional suggestions.

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