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Thanks teleview, you have been extremely helpful.

I guess I was the most surprised when I asked Ronard for other retailers and the answer came back that Solid Signal was the only option. That seems very strange and not very good for the bottom line.

The one thing that I liked about the Ronard 2218 was that it is designed to have a bolt go through the clamp and into the mast. It seems to me that this offers a great deal more stability. So I'm left wondering if I should wait, it could be weeks, or find a different brand. Please let me know if there are any other brands that are traditionally highly rated.

I'm after a chimney mount as I really do not want to drill holes in the roof. Ronard's eve mount model does not work as our house is not configured properly, and we have brick siding making the wall mounts very difficult to install.

Thanks Again!!!
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