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The weather is beginning to moderate and I have hopes of getting and installing the antennas within the next few days. You referred me to the 10G221 Preamp and Solid Signal only has the 10G222 listed. The 10G221's specs say "Average gain of 16dB VHF and 22dB UHF.", and Noise figure <3.0dB VHF, 2.6dB UHF. The 10G222 has an "Average gain of 29dB for both VHF and UHF", and a "Noise figure of <3.0dB VHF and 2.5dB UHF." I would like to get everything at Solid Signal as they are but thirty miles away, but if the 10G221 is clearly a better unit I would wait and buy it online. Please let me know if I should be concerned about the differences.

Also, I want to use two or three televisions with this setup, should I get a splitter that has exactly the number of outlets that I need? My thought was to get a 4 way splitter to use for any possible future expansion.

Thanks for any additional assistance you can offer.

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