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Post More work and tests tonight...

More attempts done to get better OTA feeds at the new house with photos. tonight:
CM 4228HD antenna managed to get over 100 channels again tonight and recently in this position. RCA ANT751 was OK tonight, but we moved it to where CM was sitting (took it down) and it got decent (70, 107, and 111 [big jumps in numbers]). We are trying to get the unreturnable RCA ANT751 in a better spot so we can return that huge CM antenna before its return date arrives. No winds tonight. I am still suspicious since a few channels are sometimes unstable and/or unlockable like KSCI18, KTLA5, KABC7, etc.). This was after 8 PM PDT.

Questions: Does it matter what vertical angle and RCA ANT751 supposed to be upside down or not for optimal feeds? It doesn't seem to matter? I know someone said CM one should be tilted back about 10% degrees or so, but does that apply to RCA ANT751 too? Is it worth trying to see if combining both antennae give the best feeds?

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