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Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
In an effort to avoid needing cable service, I am trying to use an antenna. I just bought a Terk FDTV2A, and it's working well for UHF channels. However, I'm not receiving any VHF channels. Here are my TV signal analysis results:

For example, I am receiving CBS, Fox, and NBC (all UHF) but not ABC, which is WFAA real 8 virtual 8-1. My neighbor would also like to get rid of his cable service, so I'd like to resolve this issue before I give him any advice.
The Terk FDTV2A is an amplified antenna. You live in an area with line-of-sight (LOS) access to 32 very strong stations and excellent access to several others. Electron recommended a non-amplified antena. With the aggregate signal strength at your residence, it is easy to saturate an amplifier which will make things much worse. Removing power from your antenna will turn the amplifier into an attenuator. Replace the amplified antenna with one of the recommended ones.
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