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I'm sorry that it has been so long since I have posted, but I have been very busy. I finally put the RCA ANT751 where the Directv dish was and bought a Tivax STB-12. I also bought a PS3 and I am running Netflix via an old wireless router which my dad couldn't get to work (so I got it for free). So far I am very pleased. The following are the signal strengths now according to the DTV PAL (though I forgot to account for the signal being split to two TVs).

WEAR 88 (same)
WKRG 83 (90)
WPMI 78 (64)?
WMAH 69 (78)
WMPV 83 (76)?
WXXV 63 (58)?
WFGX 56 (POOR) (66)
WEIQ 76 (74)
WJTC 71 (74)
WFNA 69 (88)

Plus I added:

WALA 69 (The one I was really after)

Most of these come in ok, but I am tempted to do a roof mount due to the current setup being pointed at an outbuilding that is on a hill and higher than my home. Also I found a gold RCA splitter that says 5-900MHz. This is what I am using. Should I use something else? The Tivax is nice but it has a signal strength and quality. Most of the channels are 80-100 on quality, but lower (20-30's) on strength. My wife wants me to leave well enough alone, but it is interesting to see what all you can get. Are there any other stations I should try for? Also since I didn't have a compass, I used the magnetic north setting on the compass on my iphone to point the antenna. Is this ok?

Thanks for all of your help.
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