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Thank you all for your help.

@Towerguy and Coco-You are right. I didn't realize those antennas were so big. What about the Winegard HD7696P? It's about 9 ft. long. Would that work ok? I also would rather not use a preamp unless I have to. I also would rather leave the antenna up in a storm unless I have to. Any way to make it more sturdy?

@Groundurmast--10-4 and thank you. HD7696P? Any recomendations on coverter boxes? As I mentioned I have 2 old tvs so no hd capability and if I buy new tvs later they would have the tuners built in, so I don't need anything special; right? I am not a sports fan so any other reasons for me to get the MS stations? Wow, 30 ft. does make a huge difference. Don't think that I can justify any higher though. Also which azimuth should I point the antenna to (weakest channel, split the difference, etc.)?

@JohnCandle--Thanks for the advice and I am shying away from that antenna.
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