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A little update;
Connections at both ends are very good & clean. Amplifier was removed & I manually rotated antenna at its present height, just above the ridge. I rescanned at different degree intervals & could not come up with any additional channels than I was receiving. I get 9 channels, now. I did get a faint signal on #40 , but could not get it " dialed in ." I set antenna back in the direction that does the best. About True North to 25
I do get 5-1,, 5-2 ,,,, & 5-3 very well with this antenna . TitanTV shows these as #36 channels.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I now feel that raising the height quite a bit , would be the next move for improvement . I already live on a hill here in Fl. Then, manually rotate & scan again to see if a rotor is going to be of any help. Radio Schack has an Eagle Brand ,[ I think that was the name ] that only uses the coax cable rather than running a seperate line. Do you have experience with it ?
Thanks again.
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