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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
Yes, both UHF antennas have reflectors and are the Stellar Lab, 2 bay
and 4 bay models. Antennas are mounted outside on rear corner of
my home about 30 feet AGL. I tried the Mingus Mtn 4 Bay with an
amp. It helped with the translators for Williams and Flagstaff but
they are just more of the same duplicates of what I already receive.
I guess the Mt Francis 2 bay is passive for the Mingus Mtn 4 Bay and
vice versa. The modified FM antenna was also a Stellar Lab but
in poor condition. I cut the boom, eliminating the drive and reflector
elements that were bent. I then connected it to the 4 Bay
Hey Joe, as long as your solution works for you that's the main thing. Myself, I'm having fun with it. It's my personality. It's like fixing a car for me. I find out the problem I fix it and I don't care to see it again as long as it's working well.

I hope that my research will help someone. I could stop right now and most people would be satisfied, but, that's not me.

I was hoping you could post some pictures of your setup. After all, you could be helping others maybe even somebody in your neighborhood, you never know.
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